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Earn loyal customers by showing them you care about their patronage with our full line of custom box matches, book matches, and toothpicks— take-home mementos that customers will hold onto, reminding them to tell friends and return to your restaurant for another meal. It's simple, chic, and affordable advertising that sells itself.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Book Matches

    Book Matches

    No equal in its low cost per use
    Artistic and functional
    Multi-sided advertising space
    White or black match stems
    Single or double rows of matches
    Choose your match tip color

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Matchbox Box Match

    Popular Box Matches

    Available in 9 Styles
    Upscale and Economical

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Napkin

    Custom Napkins

    When printed with your logo, custom napkins add color and character to your table and bar presentations.

    1, 2, or 3-ply
    Plain, pebbled, and linen patterns
    White, ecru, or colored stocks
    Standard and custom color imprinting

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Coaster


    Available in different coaster sizes, thicknesses, and materials.

    Full-color pulpboard coasters : 1 or 2-sided offset printing
    Debossed natural pulpboard coasters: 1-sided letterpress printing
    Debossed multi-ply tissue coasters: 1-sided letterpress printing

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Toothpicks


    A personal care product that customers welcome and retain, toothpicks come in pouch-style booklets and matchboxes or even single-wrapped. Anyway you like it, toothpicks promote your business. Your advertising stays with your client down to the last use. Toothpick packets especially serve customers of restaurants and hotels. They are likewise ideal for dental and other health providers.

    Made with Natural Wood

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Memobooks


    Memobooks are perfect for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants... anywhere people meet new people. Imagine your customer‘s surprise when they open your "matchbook" and find a memo pad! You get the same ad space and printing options as a match cover both inside and out.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Tabletop Sugar Packets

    Tabletop Sugar Packets

    Sugar Sticks and Sugar Packets change table-top sugar presentations with a new look. Why give your customers common commercial sugar wraps when for a penny more you can personalize them with your own name, logo, and house colors?

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Guest Hand Towels

    Guest Hand Towels

    Heavy duty and linen-like custom-printed hand towels are ideal branding products in the restrooms of restaurants and clubs. They convey your hospitality, your attention to detail, and the pride you take in your establishment.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Towelettes

    Fresh&Clean™ Towelettes

    These re-usable 5-pack or 10-pack sizes fit comfortably in purses, handbags, briefcases, and children's bookbags. Always in demand for personal hygiene, wet towelettes are just what's needed for the face, hands, and fingernails. With your logo, customers will keep Fresh&Clean™ at the ready.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Individual Wet Towelettes

    Individual Wet Towelettes

    Custom printed promotional wipes. Our individual wet towelettes are just what you need for dining, traveling, outdoors, after sports, in spas and in your daily life. The perfect promotional products for restaurants, airlines, hotels, spas, golf resorts, car dealers, hospitals, tobacco shops, hair & nail salons.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Tissue Packs

    Tissue Packs

    Pocket size packs of PromoTissues™ are natural accompaniments to restaurants, ski resorts, health and fitness clubs, hair and beauty salons, the lodging industry, cruise lines, funeral homes and much more.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Placemats


    Placemats add color and interest to your table settings, and no other advertising medium occupies so big a promotional space in your guest’s line of vision for so little cost. They can tell the history of your business, serve as menus, present themes and ideas, and stimulate point-of-sale orders for drinks or appetizers.

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Napkin Bands

    Napkin Bands

    Table-top detailing for use with linen or paper napkins
    Custom printing up to 4 Pantone or process colors
    Your customer's first hands-on impression

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  • Restaurant Custom Printed Boxed Mints

    Boxed Mints

    Offer your customers tasty mints they can keep handy. With each refreshment they will be reminded of your gesture and again be reminded to repeat their business with you.

    4-color printing
    5-sided advertising
    20-25 mints in each re-closable box

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